We have recently welcomed Rita Machado to our team!

She is from Lisbon, and a new chemical engineer from FCT-Nova, having done her master’s in a pharmaceutical company, “during my thesis, I was inserted in the R&D department where I performed some R&D work. In the beginning of my thesis, I had to do a lot of research until I could gather enough information to come up with an assay method that allowed me to see the desired molecule via HPLC with UV/Vis detection. After lots of research, lab work and adjustments, I was able to develop an HPLC with UV/Vis detection assay method for a molecule that lacks chromophore groups!”.

Describing herself as a reliable and patient person, Rita also enjoys taking walks by the beach and getting to discover new places. Always finding the time to watch new movies or keeping up with all the recent fashion news.

With her career ahead of her, Rita has chosen Stepscience “because it’s a company that gives new talents great opportunities to learn and grow professionally” – She will now embark on a new role as R&D Analyst, we are looking forward to growing with you too! 😊 In her workplace, Rita intends to find a place where respect is present, as well as a space where everyone can both learn and grow – luckily, at Stepscience she believes to have found both, from her first impression, all colleagues work comfortably, having all the means necessary to fulfill their role in the company.

When asked about the future of the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industries, she reflected on how “The public needs and demands are rapidly evolving which means pharmaceutical and life science industries need to be a step aheadThese industries must be prepared to quickly respond to new needs by giving the right solutions, allowing people’s quality of life to increase every day.” Rita wishes to understand how the pharmaceutical industry functions, what are the applicable regulations, the present demands, and uprising needs, with hopes “that I can support the industry at all stages, leading to excellence” – we are excited to begin this new project with you!

We wish you a warm welcome to the team Rita! We all hope you can achieve all that you wish, here at Stepscience!