Meet Núria,

Núria Lopes lives in Sobralinho, a town next to Alverca, and she has recently joined Stepscience team as Q&V Quality Engineer. She holds a degree in Marine Biology and Biotechnology, in Escola Superior de Turismo e Tecnologia do Mar, IPLeiria, and a Master’s degree in Biotechnology in IST, UL. After graduation, she has started her career in pharmaceutical industry with an internship in cleaning validation in quality control. “For 10 years I was in quality control where I performed all kinds of physico-chemical analysis of raw materials, packaging material, finished product and stability tests, as well as validation of analytical methods.” After that, Núria has proceeded to a path in Quality Assurance, where she had the opportunity to work in cleaning and manufacturing process validations, instrumentation calibrations management, manufacturing and packaging equipment qualifications, batch documentation review and IPC. “In the last year I had the opportunity to be inserted in the construction project of a cannabis extraction unit, being part of the qualification group of the extraction installations and equipment.”

In her previous position, Núria had collaborated with Stepscience team and at the time she thought of the team as “very professional and team spirited. These are two characteristics that I always look for in a company, because I value a cohesive team and a high level of knowledge so that we can all learn from each other, and I was determined in my decision to join Stepscience Pharma & Engineering.”

After joining the company, she found a team “from different areas that complement each other for a common objective, which is to satisfy the client. A very cohesive team with a spirit of teamwork. A team with a lot of knowledge.” Núria also found a good workplace environment between colleagues, where “all members are focused on the same goal which is to make the company grow”, and that where she can gain new knowledge from colleagues.

Life is more than work. In the past few years, Núria has “acquired talent for organizing children’s parties and I really enjoy cooking, especially cakes.” Her perfect day off is spend organizing an outing or socializing with family and friends. Her greatest strength is that she can adjust to any environment, and she has a good relationship with everyone around her.

Looking ahead, Núria wants to “to acquire knowledge in the area of API production, as well as consolidate knowledge in the area of finished product production, being able to apply them for my professional growth.”

Núria considers that “every day there is a growing need for drugs on the market, and the pharmaceutical industry is faced with the need to increase productivity day by day, always considering the quality of the product and the well-being of patients. Due to this demand, pharmaceutical companies are going through a wave of innovations, from new treatment modalities, to smart machines, advanced analytics, and digital connectivity.”

Thank you, Núria, for joining the team and welcome to Stepscience Pharma & Engineering.

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