Meet Miguel Abelho,

Miguel Gazimba Abelho was born in Massamá, near Sintra, but he mantains a strong connection with his parents’ hometown, Borba, in Alentejo. He is finishing his Master’s in Mechanical Engineering in Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), University of Lisbon. While in IST he was part of the students’ association, AEIST, where he was responsible for the Administration Department, managing AEIST’s workers and facilities. He also worked as a tutor for high school and university students before enrolling in his first experience in the pharmaceutical industry, as a CQV Engineer for Stepscience.
He joined Stepscience Pharma & Engineering because he wanted to start his career in his study area and the company looked like a place where he could grow as a person and as an engineer. For him it is important to always be learning and growing.

In Stepscience he values how “how everyone’s opinion is valid. It doesn’t matter if you have been here for 3 weeks or 3 years, everyone has a voice, and people are always able to listen to others and to explain things to you. It is a very good and motivating atmosphere.”

Miguel works as a CQV Engineer. His job is to write protocols and execute commissioning’s and qualifications, guaranteeing that the systems in the protocol’s scope are correctly installed and in conditions to operate, while everything must be reported and justified. He considers that “as a consultant, I need to ensure that the clients’ needs are met, both in quality and in due time.”

He thinks of himself as a very rational person, who can work around problems and harsh situations. He can explain his opinions to other people, while also being able to hear their arguments and try to find the best way to proceed. For Miguel “no man is left behind”, so he tries to push and encourage people around him.

Looking ahead he wants to finish his degree and keep learning. Miguel considers that “there is much in the pharmaceutical industry and in CQV that I don’t master, so I intend to keep improving, learning from documentation, formative activities or from people around me”.

For Miguel there is still a lot of room for improvement in the Pharmaceutical Industry, as everything changes and adapts new guidelines are needed. “I think Industry 4.0 will increase its importance in the industry, and CSV will play a major role in this growth.”

Outside work Miguel enrolls in several different activities. He plays futsal since he was 8 years old and now he is part of a team competing in the regional championship. He is passioned for music and he is part of a choral group where he plays guitar and sings. In addition, he enjoys playing videogames and chess. He also enjoys traveling and learning new things about the places he visits.

Thank you, Miguel, and welcome to Stepscience Pharma & Engineering!

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