Maria Marques is one of our new Team Members!

She is from São Domingos de Rana, Cascais, and she has a Master’s degree in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, from Nova School of Sciences and Technology (FCT Nova). She prides herself on having founded the Núcleo de Cervejeiros (Brewers’ Club) of FCT-UNL – producing beer and teaching those around them about the art of craft beer!

Maria describes herself as a responsible and dedicated person, with good communication and organizational skills. That’s why in her time off she might be either doing volunteer activities within her parish – with the local children or in diverse solidarity activities – or, perhaps, in her book club, which she started with her friends, a place “where we discuss different ideas and share our personal points of view about the books we choose together”, always finding the time to do plenty of outdoor activities, trying new recipes at home and visiting museums or historical monuments.

A good day for her is a day when the weather is cold, and she has a cup of tea in one hand and a good book in another. One of her most favorite reads this year was “The Midnight Library” by Matt Haig, a “novel that pushes the reader to do a reflexive exercise on its existence and form of living, while having a light perspective of what it means to enjoy the now”.

For Maria, it was Stepscience’s commitment to innovation and development of the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences that has sealed the deal! As our new CQV Engineer Consultant, she is “eager to learn from the best”, believing that Stepscience “offers the ideal environment for me to grow and contribute to a forward-thinking team”. Teamwork is essential to Maria, allied with accountability and responsibility for the fruition of one’s work.

With Stepscience she hopes to widen her sense of the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, finding the future to be challenging, but with the certainty that the industry “will continue to grow and expand once it has the technology to further enhance our lives and future. Keeping in mind the importance of solving demanding problems related to sustainability.”

We wish you a warm welcome to the team Maria! We all hope you can achieve all that you wish, here at Stepscience!

At Stepscience, our highly qualified team with a solid experience in the Pharmaceutical and Veterinary, Medicinal Cannabis, Cosmetics, Food Supplements and Medical Devices industries will support your business as it was ours.