Lara Santos Leite is our newest Process Engineering trainee.

Having begun her studies whilst in Bahia, Brazil during the year of 2018, Lara has participated in loads of projects, including crat beer courses, voluntary research on the biology of mosquitoes – focusing on their interactions with arboviruses… Lara embarked on her academic journey at UFBA while residing in Bahia, Brazil in 2018. Since then, she has actively engaged in numerous projects, ranging from craft beer courses to voluntary research efforts exploring the biology of mosquitoes and their interactions with arboviruses.

By 2022, Lara decided to study abroad, traveling to Portugal, and taking an undergraduate course at the University of Évora, followed by a Master’s in Chemical and Biological Engineering at FCT-UNL. Before coming to Stepscience, Lara also completed a summer internship in Quality Control, at a gas and oil company!

Her discovery of Stepscience came from one of her college professors who introduced her to our company. Then, after learning Stepscience’s values, Lara thought “I was drawn to the company’s values, which align closely with my own, I’m eager to continue developing my skills in an exciting and motivating environment that offers dynamic and challenging tasks.” For that reason, she chose Stepscience, joining us as an intern, while working on her thesis – she is fully absorbed in her work, which will focus on “the project of a plant for the production of Psilocybin for medical applications”.

Lara considers that at her workplace, she should be able to grow and learn in a collaborative and supportive environment, with clear communication channels – that was what she found at Stepscience, “I was impressed by how welcoming and supportive everyone was. The team here is always ready to lend a hand, and the positive atmosphere makes it a motivating place to work”. We hope you will be able to conclude your thesis with Stepscience’s support, while pushing you to further develop all your skills.

Having a passion for dancing, Lara enjoys expressing herself creatively, which also shows in her passion for fashion, always keeping up with the newest trends. Lara is also a travel lover, always enjoying exploring new places, trying new restaurants or cafes; or maybe just staying at home, listening to music, and watching anime. 😊

When asked what her greatest strengths are, Lara said, “My greatest strengths include patience, relatability, resilience, quick learning ability, proactivity, and responsibility”, these can only be an added value to our team, we are ready to work with you!

Lara believes “The Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industries hold immense promise for the future. Technological advancements like AI and CRISPR offer groundbreaking opportunities in drug discovery, personalized medicine, and tackling once-incurable diseases. Moreover, innovation in manufacturing processes and a focus on environmental stewardship are shaping a more sustainable and impactful future for these sectors.”. We know that with Lara’s constant curiosity, and tremendous enthusiasm, she will be a great addition to our growing team.

We wish you a warm welcome to the team Lara! We all hope you can achieve all that you wish, here at Stepscience!