Meet Inês,

Inês Dias was born in Barreiro, Setúbal and she has recently finished a master’s degree in Micro and Nanotechnology Engineering at FCT NOVA.

Inês has chosen Stepscience as she felt like “it is where engineering and the pharmaceutical industry meet, with a multidisciplinary team focused on teamwork and finding solutions for the challenges proposed.” She will integrate the CSV team as Junior CSV Engineer. As she was welcomed into Stepscience, she encountered “a diverse, authentic and friendly environment which values different people and ideas.” For her, a good workplace “is one that values tranquillity, teamwork and most of all allows for personal development,” values Inês can recognize at Stepscience.

Not everything has to do with work and Inês always likes to have a creative project ongoing, so her hobbies can vary with time. At the moment, she has been focused on reading, sewing and crocheting, but she cannot promise that the answer will be the same next month, as she discovers a new creativity outlet. When she can, Inês loves to discover new restaurants with friends. If the weather does not allow it, she will choose a tv series or a movie from her ever growing to watch list.

Inês considers her best strengths to be “perseverance, creativity and endless curiosity.”

At Stepscience, Inês hopes to “achieve professional experience while learning about the different areas of the pharmaceutical industry. As nanotechnology starts to become a more known field and as new research projects start come to fruition leading to clinical trials, I am hopeful that it can be integrated into the pharmaceutical industry leading to more personalized treatments as the medication can be more targeted oriented leading to a more precise delivery of the medicine, optimizing the treatment while minimizing the side effects.”

Thank you, Inês, for joining our team and welcome to Stepscience Pharma & Engineering.

At Stepscience, our highly qualified team with a solid experience in the Pharmaceutical and Veterinary, Medicinal Cannabis, Cosmetics, Food Supplements and Medical Devices industries will support your business as it was ours.