Inês Chouzende is officially our newest team member!

Inês is from Sintra, Lisbon and a proud holder of a master’s degree in chemical and biological engineering, having completed her studies at the Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa. While still in University, Inês did a curricular internship and a one-year professional internship at Hikma Pharmaceuticals at the Quality Control department, where “I carried out physical-chemical analyses on primary packaging material, raw materials and the final product.”. At Stepscience, she will now embrace a new role as a Junior R&D Analyst.

Inês likes to find new opportunities, always aiming to “broadening and improving my skills to grow both professionally and personally “– at Stepscience she hopes to have the opportunity to work on innovative and impactful projects. And so do we!

Inês sees herself as a responsible, assiduous, and proactive person, with good communication and cooperation skills. Fortunately, these are qualities that align with Stepscience, as her first impression was that “I thought everyone was very friendly and ready to help.”

What she values the most at work is having “the opportunities for continuous learning and growth, the ability to collaborate with a talented and inspiring team, and having the feeling that my work makes a difference.” It was because of Stepscience’s dedication to innovation and to the professional development of its employees that she has chosen to take the challenge with us.

On her day offs, we’ll most certainly find Inês going to the gym in the morning and having a walk on the beach by sunset. “I love looking at the sea and feeling the wind on my face at the end of the day, watching the sunset and listening to the waves brings me tranquility.” As for her hobbies, Inês likes exercising, photography and travelling.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always seen myself working in a white coat (…) I realized that the pharmaceutical it’s the area I want to be in” it was with a sense of will, that Inês has enrolled at Stepscience.

“I think that the future of Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industries looks promising, with the advancements in technology driving innovation in drug discovery, personalized medicine, and treatment approaches.” Sharing this thought, with Inês’ desire to make a difference in this world, we believe she will fit right in at Stepscience!

We wish you a warm welcome to the team Inês! We all hope you can achieve all that you wish, here at Stepscience!