Meet Francisco,

Francisco Oliveira was born in Pombal and he recently finished his Master Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in University of Coimbra. He joined Stepscience Quality Assurance team as Pharma Consultant.

After joining our company, he found welcomed by all the co-workers what facilitated his integration. He values the good work environment, which he considers essential to bring out of everyone’s potential. “Additionally, it soon became very clear that I would be working with a very experienced team from whom I could learn a lot.” Francisco has been working in projects he considers “interesting, challenging and exciting, where I can use the best of my capabilities”.

Outside work, Francisco loves music and plays guitar. Besides that, he enjoys cooking and “I am usually the on-duty chef” whenever he manages to join his friends together. As he recently moved to Lisbon, he is taking time to discover new places around the area.

Francisco considers that “healthcare and medicines should become more and more individual and personal, customized to fit every patient in an affordable and sustainable way, therefore reducing side effects, increasing compliance, and overall effectiveness of every treatment. It is the industry job to invest in new ways of making this happen, to be innovative and focus more on making current therapies work better, besides finding new ones.”

Thank you, Francisco, and welcome to Stepscience Pharma & Engineering!

At Stepscience, our highly qualified team with a solid experience in the Pharmaceutical and Veterinary, Medicinal Cannabis, Cosmetics, Food Supplements and Medical Devices industries will support your business as it was ours.