Meet Erika,

Erika Cordova was born in south of Italy and she has moved to Portugal 3 years ago. She has a degree in Biomedical Engineering by the University of Pisa. Erika has started her professional career as Process Engineer in the Pharmaceutical area and after she moved to the Oil & Gas field, where she has worked as QA/QC supervisor and Quality Inspector. She was involved in big international projects, such as Al-Zour Refinery in Kuwait, Talara Refinery Modernization in Peru, Evonik Pisa Project Polyamide 12 Production in Germany and LNG Canada Project in British Columbia.

In March Erika joined our team as CQV Engineer Consultant. She considers that joining Stepscience Pharma & Engineering team “represents a stimulating challenge for my professional growth”. Here, Erika has the opportunity to combine her background as Biomedical Engineer and her experience working on projects in industrial contexts.

Her first impression of Stepscience was positive “the Company’s values and ethics are aligned with my expectations and people are professional and friendly.” In Erika opinion, “Stepscience can already count on a strong and dedicated team, where people cooperate and sustain each other”.

On her free time, Erika likes travelling, hiking, sports, and photography, in particular pictures of nature and portraits. On a day off she would go for a run or walk in the nature, enjoy a beach or read.

Erika thinks her “greatest strengths are resilience and discipline. When I take a challenge, I never give up and I put all my effort and dedication into it.” In a short term she “would like to learn as much as possible in terms of GMP regulations, Commissioning and Qualification principles, requirements and operating procedures, refining my knowledge and improving my methods.”

“New technologies are constantly arising, especially in the Pharma and Healthcare areas. Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices sectors are moving towards highly automated and electronic environments and the drive for improved product quality and process efficiency is increasing the demand for new cross functional professionals.” Erika considers that as professionals of pharmaceutical industry “we need to embrace innovation and evolution and promote continuous improvement so to truly improve people´s quality of life.”

Thank you, Erika, and welcome to Stepscience Pharma & Engineering!

At Stepscience, our highly qualified team with a solid experience in the Pharmaceutical and Veterinary, Medicinal Cannabis, Cosmetics, Food Supplements and Medical Devices industries will support your business as it was ours.