Meet André,

André Rosado was born in Entroncamento, a city known for its train activity. He holds a Master’s in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at the Nova School of Science and Technology – New University of Lisbon and he is now starting his first professional experience as a Process Engineering Consultant at Stepscience.

After concluding his studies, he heard about Stepscience from one of his professor’s and decided to apply for the position. “During my first few days at the company, I was surprised on how there was so much more to know about the pharmaceutical industry, than the knowledge we were transmitted to, in University.” That is why, in a near future, he wants to absorb as much information as he can. He also enjoyed the welcoming environment that facilitated his integration into the company. At Stepscience André values the good work environment and the opportunity to keep learning. 

In his free time, André has been practicing Karate since he was 8 years old and he does it because it “keeps me healthy, both physically and mentally”. He also enjoys going out with his friends or visiting historical places. If he cannot leave home, he would spend time watching TV series.  

André thinks of himself as a resilient person that enjoys a good challenge. “The more challenging a problem is, the more motivated I feel in order to solve it.”

André considers there is a “tendency for Life Sciences and the Pharmaceutical industry to grow every day, as medicine has a direct impact on human health.” He also believes that a strictly increasing regulatory system is required to provide the best solutions available for these markets, which will increase the demand for jobs in the sector.

Thank you, André, and welcome to Stepscience Pharma & Engineering!

At Stepscience, our highly qualified team with a solid experience in the Pharmaceutical and Veterinary, Medicinal Cannabis, Cosmetics, Food Supplements and Medical Devices industries will support your business as it was ours.