Lean Manufacturing

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For optimizing your operations in your facility, it is essential that Lean Manufacturing thinking is considered in your facility design. We have all heard of the Seven wastes of Lean Manufacturing ,but increasingly we are seeing the eighth Waste has been added – Skill. The success of your manufacturing facility is highly dependent on your design team’s skill. Make sure your design is specifically targeted for success — especially, efficiency and GMP compliance. If your facility has a sub-optimal layout, the skill of your operational team can never reach its full potential. Over the years, and with my failing memory, I have learned that I need an easy way to remember the “wastes”, especially when examining a sub-optimal design, I spell out TIM WOODS  – T:  Transport – Moving people, materials and even empty vehicles I:   Inventory – Storing work in progress, workpieces, documentation ahead of requirements M:   Motion – Walking, bending, lifting, turning, reaching W:   Waiting – manufacturing instructions, equipment or raw materials O:   Over-production – Making more than is IMMEDIATELY needed O:   Over-processing – Tighter tolerances or higher-grade materials than are necessary D:   Defects – Rework, scrap, incorrect documentation S:   Skills – Under utilizing capabilities, delegating tasks to staff with inadequate training