Market Overview

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Europe is a world leader in the cosmetics industry and dominant cosmetics exporter. The sector is highly innovative and provides significant employment in the European continent. Valued at €79.8 billion at retail sales price in 2019, the European cosmetics market is now the largest in the world.

Regulatory Framework

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ISO 22716 is the standard adopted for all cosmetic producers across the globe, for international acceptance.

This standard has been effective since July 11, 2013 and has become mandatory and the European Union’s new regulation, EC No. 1223/2009, has replaced the Cosmetics Directive, 76/768/EEC. This regulation has also been adopted in the USA, Canada and Japan.

Gulf Cooperation Council Cosmetics

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The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is a political and economic alliance of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman. The countries in this alliance share a common body which gives the authorization to publish the standards applicable in manufacturing of cosmetics in all these countries.

The Gulf Cooperation Council cosmetics legislation closely follows the EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009. However, it has some of its own criteria when it comes to processes, ingredients, labelling and claims (e.g. free from pork and its derivatives; the graphics, images and phrases on the labels should be consistent with Islamic traditions and social values).

How can we support your Business?

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Stepscience can assist you with facility design, processing technologies and distribution complying with regulatory requirements for ISO 22716, EU-GMP, EU-GDP and FDA for cosmetics and also the regulatory requirements of GCC for cosmetics: GSO 1943/2016, GSO 2528/2016 and GSO ISO 22716.

Stepscience consultancy services can help you achieve design efficiencies, regulatory compliant processes and mandatory employee and contractor training. These quality management strategies help to ensure that your cosmetics products are suitable for the markets you aim to serve.

Stepscience can provide turnkey facilities design. Our approach to the facilities design, targets specifically for success intending to optimize efficiency and compliance. Stepscience uses Lean Manufacturing thinking to work with its customers and incorporate this into the facility design.

Stepscience’s range of services covers also Product Development support, Regulatory and Marketing services to assist clients in the route to market.