Sérgio Stepscience Team

Meet Sérgio,

Sérgio Guerreiro is from Amadora, Porcalhota to be more precise (you may have heard about it in “Os Maias”). He’s a Chemical Engineer with over 9 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, in the Quality Assurance field. Over this period, Sérgio dedicated most of his time in equipment qualification, process and equipment risk assessments, process optimization, calibration, auditing, facilities monitoring and data integrity policies.

The Pharmaceutical field has had an important grow in the past few years, giving the opportunity for new companies to be placed on the market creating new state of the art pharmaceutical facilities. Sérgio embraced this new challenge to be part of Stepscience Pharma & Engineering because one of his biggest goals was “to be involved in the creation of a completely new factory, really from the scratch”.

The Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences fields are continuous growing and changing all over the world. Sérgio sees a bright future for these sectors: “We have achieved so much over the last two/ three decades. Today, with the emergence of so many new fields and technologies, what we considered impossible, is now possible”. Also, “The possibility to predict the responsiveness of certain therapies will increase the quality-of-life for patients around the world”.

Teamwork is one of the aspects Sérgio values the most at work, as he considers that a good work environment is a key to professional success “This must be the highest priority of any company”, as well as creating a challenging environment because “If you look for greatness, you need to be challenged every day”. Sérgio have been exploring the emotional intelligence in the last few years and acknowledge that it is “amazing what it can do for you and for your fellows”.

Not everything has to do with job, Sérgio enjoys “reading, travelling and sports” and appreciates the small things in life like “great book, sunny day, a swimming pool” and a “dinner with friends well served with a fine Portuguese wine”.

At Stepscience Pharma & Engineering, Sérgio aspires, in a shot time, to help the company to become one of the major pharmaceutical engineering companies in Portugal, “but why stop here when we have the knowledge to help clients all over the world”. An ambitious objective indeed, but we are sure we will meet this goal together!

Thank you Sérgio and welcome to Stepscience Pharma & Engineering!

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