Meet Andreia,

Andreia Anjos has just joined Stepscience Pharma & Engineering team for the role of CQV Consultant. She was born in the “beautiful Lisbon”, and she says her stronger talent is the good memory. Andreia is graduated in Biotechnology, and she is concluding a master’s degree in Quality and Environmental Engineering. She has been working for more than 4 years in Quality Assurance in Pharmaceutical Industry, in particular, in qualifications and requalification of equipment, facilities monitoring, and data integrity policies.
She “decided to accept the challenge of working for Stepscience Pharma & Engineering because it is a company that is growing in the market, with experienced professionals with who I really want to learn and grow professionally”. Since the first day she has felt welcome to the team, where she found a good atmosphere and helping spirit. She feels happy and lucky to be here.
Andreia sees the pharmaceutical industry in continuous development and as a constantly progressive industry. She believes that in the future the pharmaceutical industry will focus on more customized therapies for each patient, based on the patient’s genetics. She hopes that pharma will move forward towards a cleaner industry, with less waste and more eco-friendly.
Outside work Andreia enjoys her time off playing sports, travelling, or reading. In fact, a perfect day off, for Andreia, would be a day at the beach closed by a dinner party with family and friends at sunset. In the colder days, she would be happy to stay in reading a good book in the company of a cat in her lap.
Andreia describes herself as “resilient, determined, committed, empathetic, I like to work in a team, I like to help others and I love to learn something new every day…” In the short time she intends to continue learning, contact with various realities, and to grow professionally here at Stepscience. And she expects to be able to help the organization to grow as well.

We hope so, Andreia, and welcome to Stepscience Pharma & Engineering!
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